Photos from Wessex League CX - Thruxton 2012
Welcome. If this is your first visit to AEphotos you may find our style a little different to most. We call our images Action Portraits, because they focus on the athlete, in the pursuit of their goal, doing what they love. Our photos are dramatic, colourful and slightly heroic, because that is how sport is, and we hope we can capture some of the qualities that make it so gripping. So please enjoy our photos, and if you find yourself in the galleries then many thanks for your contribution to the gallery, and why not take away a great momento of your day saddle.

We have 3 galleries of races from Thruxton:
1. Under 12's
2. Youth
3. Junior/Vet/Women

In each gallery you will find riders listed in team order. Unknowns are listed "????". Please see gallery for prices.
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Under 12'sYouthJuniors/Vets/Women